Lifetime Contribution Award

Recognising an individual who has consistently made an outstanding long term contribution to the field and community of NLP, upholding the spirit of NLP and ethics shared by NLP professionals.

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Connirae Andreas PhD.


Connirae has been a leader and innovator in the field of NLP for over 40 years. She is well known for her work developing Core Transformation, and her contributions to the field in areas including Advanced Language Patterns, Timelines, Grief Resolution, and Shame.

She has co-authored or edited nine books and manuals of international acclaim, including “Core Transformation” (with Tamara Andreas), and “Heart of the Mind” (with husband Steve Andreas).

Her latest development “The Wholeness Process” is a simple and highly effective of therapy and personal growth. It includes an easy-to-do form of meditation and the results are deeply healing to the mind-body system. No spiritual beliefs or interests are needed to benefit.

Co-founder of NLP Comprehensive, Connirae is experienced at training design and supervision, and has worked extensively with the NLP Comprehensive Training Team. Her warm, personally respectful training style is steeped in artistry and depth of skill.

    Frank Pucelik


    Frank was one of the meta group in the early 1970s which originated and supported the work that led to the development of NLP. He has been training NLP in the Russian speaking world for over 28 years. The Russian speaking NLP world is the strongest by numbers and by impact on culture in the world, but few in the English speaking world know about it.

    Frank is using NLP assisted programs to create PTSD counselling centres all over Ukraine, and is training more than 5,000 doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and soldiers in the skills necessary to prevent and/or work with the problems of PTSD. With his teams, Frank is making an impact to prevent Ukraine from tearing itself apart.

    Before leaving America, Frank created drug treatment programs which he has replicated in Ukraine. There are 4 NLP people working with thousands of young drug addicts with high rates of success.

      Ian McDermott


      Ian is the founder of International Teaching Seminars based in the UK and the US and celebrating the 30th year in 2017. He has a global perspective working with international companies -whilst continuing to work with individuals and continues to put in the same passion and dedication to the field as when he started. Ian is an Honorary Fellow of Exeter University Business School where his focus is on leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

      He is Dean of Innovation & Learning for the Purposeful Planning Institute and his work is featured in the Open University’s MBA course ‘Creativity, Innovation and Change’. Ian is also External Faculty at Henley Business School where he helped create the MSc. in Coaching and Behavioural Change. He has been working with a Professor of Applied Neuroscience to bring Neuroscience (with NLP) into the public domain.

      Ian is a published author with fifteen books on systems thinking, NLP and coaching.

        John Seymour


        John retired in 2016 after an NLP career spanning over 30 years. He was one of the first British NLP trainers to teach NLP professionally in the UK. He is respected by many in the field and has trained over 3,000 people in high quality NLP skills, including many UK NLP trainers. John has dedicated his career to developing exceptional NLP practitioners. He has mentored and apprenticed such people as Joseph O’Connor, Michael Neil and Frank Daniels.

        He was co-author on several seminal NLP books. Through Introducing NLP – still in print after more than 20 years – John (together with Joseph O’Connor) normalised NLP in the UK and pioneered a British approach to a US centric toolkit.

        John has been a proponent of high quality skills based NLP and has made a significant contribution to codifying NLP into a package that could be taught at Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer Training levels.

          Michael Hall


          Michael has been has been a pioneer, developing his own field based on the models of NLP. He has contributed to the field itself in the most significant way with his realising and formalising of meta-states.

          He has actively applied strategies within himself and he has been prolific in publishing his work. Michael shares his knowledge and findings freely, and captures the positive spirit of NLP (and indeed the whole Human Potential movement) by living and breathing it.

          Michael has reached many people around the world, travelling from country to country, teaching NLP and Neurosemantics. Whilst he has his own school and business, Michael is inclusive, reaching across the field to bring people together. This is his strength, using his learning and discoveries to engage, inspire and heal the community of NLP and his involvement with the NLP Conference and his role in setting up the Leadership Summit are perfect examples.

            Robert Dilts


            Robert has devoted his entire life in teaching and developing NLP in the service of the individual, families and business. He continues to make difference in the world.

            He co-founded and still runs the NLP University in Santa Cruz, attracting students from many countries. He is a teacher capable of inspiring large audiences and at the same time continues to be a learner.

            As a collaborator, he has worked with many in the world of NLP over 40 years. His work with Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Todd Epstein, Judith DeLozier and Stephen Gilligan stand out. He will be remembered for developments such as his work on Gregory Bateson’s Logical Levels, resources like the NLP Encyclopaedia (with Judith DeLozier), his many books, his modelling of Strategies of Genius (of which the Disney Strategy is much quoted), and his collaboration with Stephen Gilligan on Generative Coaching and The Hero’s Journey.

              Tad James


              Tad is the creator of Time Line Therapy® techniques and has worked tirelessly to drive the development of NLP and NLP training. His development of structured audio products for multi media learning and training which then enabled him to create the first 7 day Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification.

              His transition from radio and business consulting was inspired by Tony Robbins and he worked alongside Richard Bandler, Wyatt Woodsmall and others to create the first NLP Trainer’s Training. Tad was made the second NLP Master Trainer by Richard Bandler.

              Tad continues to deliver NLP Trainings, supporting his community of trainers and learners across the world.

              He is the author of many best-selling books in the field including Time Line Therapy and The Basis of Personality written with Wyatt Woodsmall in 1988. Since then Time Line Therapy® techniques have become a major modality for creating powerful change in business, education, and therapy.

                Wyatt Woodsmall


                Wyatt has been involved in NLP and leading people to NLP since very close to its earliest days and is continuing to champion both the development of NLP and its applications to this day.

                Wyatt embodies professionalism in NLP. His Mission for INLPTA, kept metaphorically ‘front and centre’ in all INPTA trainings, is ‘I seek to know in order to serve’

                Wyatt (dubbed the first ‘Master Modeller’ in the world) created the method of ‘Advanced Behavioural ModellingTM’ (ABM). His own modelling projects have delivered incredible results in diverse fields including Athletics, Sales, Entrepreneurship and Education.

                He continues to innovate by producing new models and taking NLP training to countries across the globe, including the Middle East where he is well known. Internationally, his name is synonymous with NLP and is considered a byword for standards of ethical practice and professionalism, which is even more important for NLP than ever.

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