NLP in Education Award 2017

This award is given to an individual / organisation that has made a difference to pupils/students, teaching and support staff within the education sector through NLP.  This may be in primary, secondary or tertiary education.

Please take some time to read about each of the finalists

The winner will be announced at the Black Tie Charity Awards Dinner for Macmillian, make sure you get your ticket.

Michael Grinder


Michael helps teachers all over the world do a better job with their students. His nomination form refers to the impact of his work in education, which means that talented representatives have expanded the templates that he has codified and thanks to their collective efforts, schools are more inviting and humane – Students want to be in class; Test scores go up and disciplinary referrals go down; fewer students are placed in special education; and educators are staying in the profession.

Patrick Cordell


Patrick originally trained in NLP to support his work as a volunteer in suicide prevention. He realised NLP could also make a difference in schools and now delivers his programme, the Art of Brilliance, in schools, with the intention of improving school performance through instilling positivity and ‘can do’ attitudes primary school children. The evidence provided demonstrated a remarkable increase in young people’s attitudes (up to 40% in some cases) compared to how they felt before the programme.

Peter Shan (Kyaw Thu)


He works in a security sensitive area in Myanmar. In an environment experiencing frequent armed clashes between government and ethnic insurgents, Kyaw Thu has taught Accelerated Learning techniques to over 700 students and empowered the teachers with NLP tools. This training is the first of its kind in Myanmar and has enabled teachers to create a stress-free working place, equipping then to more easily motivate their students.

    Tony Wall


    Tony moved from a deeply dis-empowering educational space himself and now lives to enable educational empowerment on a global platform in his role at Chester University. His testimonials include “Tony has been a beacon of inspiration, support and a mentor during the first year of our initiative in taking these programmes to Africa, Asia and The Middle East. With his continued focus on innovation and teaching we now have over 50 students positively engaged on work based programmes, each of them leading business change projects”.

    Voldis Kudliskis PhD


    Voldis has empowered students, teachers and leaders to be the best that they can be. He has had a number of peer-reviewed research articles published in international academic journals, including examining boys (under)achievement in a post-16 setting and the value of NLP ‘Techniques of Change’ in enhancing boys experiences in learning. One former student tweeted: “Have always kept hold of my long term NLP goal. Reached it in time too! I owe you for that!”

    Find out at the awards dinner who won the NLP in Education Award

    The winner will be announced on the evening of the 29th April at the awards ceremony, this is a black tie event with all profits going to Macmillian.  Make sure you’re there!