NLP in Healthcare Award 2017

This award recognises an individual / organisation that has made a difference to patients, clinical or non-clinical staff within the healthcare sector through NLP.  This includes, for example, hospitals, NHS trusts, care homes, GP practices, dental surgeries, psychotherapy and complementary therapies.

Please take some time to read about each of the finalists

The winner will be announced at the Black Tie Charity Awards Dinner for Macmillian, make sure you get your ticket.

Bob Bodenhamer


Bob wrote Mastering Stuttering and Blocking with NLP and Neuro-Semantics, created a website, an egroup and has personally helped over 200 stutterers move to fluency. David Friedman writes “NLP has become widely used by both the members and the leaders of the National Stuttering Association (NSA), the largest organisation in the USA . This is a major shift from when Bob first started his work, when I was verbally attacked by many Speech Language Pathologists”.

Frank Bourke


Frank is a successful NLP psychotherapist and psychiatrist, created the Research and Recognition Project based on his experiences in the aftermath of 9/11. He built a team to develop an NLP-based therapeutic intervention for war veterans suffering from PTSD. The RTM protocol has been ratified and research has been published…as his nomination form states, “this exactly the sort of research the NLP Community can point to with pride and say, ‘there is valid and valuable research that proves how effective NLP is’.”

Phil Parker


Phil developed The Lightning Process, based on NLP, to teach people who are stuck in their lives how to regain their influence using the mind-body connection to reinitiate their innate healing ability allowing their bodies to recover. As one of his nominees stated “thousands of people are able to live their lives again and maintain happy healthy states because of the impact Phil has had. I have first hand experience of these amazing changes, as I have recovered from ME.”

Sally Baker


Sally works with her clients’ relationship with food. She collaborated with Liz Hogon on the approaches that offered the most successful outcomes for this issue.The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) now accept that psychological hunger is as powerful, and important to tackle, as physiological hunger. Dr Capehorn, the Clinical Manager of RIO writes ‘We have been very early adopters of talking therapies and anecdotally believe these to be the most important of all interventions for keeping weight off.’

Tracey Gray


Tracey has a professional background in Nursing, education and senior management and aims to help patients have the best experience possible. She does this by empowering the workforce of the NHS to believe in themselves, develop positive attitudes and through their positive experience improve the patient experience. Tracey has made measurable differences within NHS Trusts, including reducing complaints from 37 to 1 and reducing working days lost to stress and anxiety from 378 to 34, over a 6 month period.

Find out at the awards dinner who won the NLP in Healthcare Award

The winner will be announced on the evening of the 29th April at the awards ceremony, this is a black tie event with all profits going to Macmillian.  Make sure you’re there!