NLP Internationally Award

This award recognises an individual / organisation that has made a difference to international communities through NLP.

Please take some time to read about each of the finalists

The winner will be announced at the Black Tie Charity Awards Dinner for Macmillian, make sure you get your ticket.

Frank Pucelik


Frank works with 3 colleagues in the Ukraine, saving thousands of young drug addicts and getting no money, or support for their efforts other than the personal satisfaction of accomplishing an impossible task against all perceivable odds. He is also involved in NLP assisted programs for PTSD, providing ongoing support for the entire nation’s professionals that are responsble for saving Ukraine from tearing itself apart. This includes training more than 5000 medical professionals, social workers and soldiers in the skills required to work with PTSD.

Grant Soosalu


Grant has developed mBraining, an extension to NLP, which is academically credible and research based. Since July 2012, Grant has built up a community of 6 Master Trainers, 120 Trainers and 1200 Coaches globally and is influencing a wide range of fields across at least 28 countries. As an individual, Grant has contributed significantly and with integrity to NLP. His nomination testimonial states “he is genuine and sincere and absolutely walks his talk – bringing compassion to life in a real way”

Michael Hall


Michael has “continually travelled internationally for decades to build professional relationships with NLP practitioners and administrators as a means to create a world-wide community. His training occur on-site where local NLP clinicians come together with those who are just learning about NLP- He strives to empower local, regional, national and international growth” As well as developing Neuro Semantics, he co-founded the NLP Leadership Summit. He has written and co-written over 40 books to challenge creativity and empower productivity within the field.

Richard Bolstad


Richard has helped people traumatised in the aftermath of earthquakes (in New Zealand and Japan) and in the aftermath of war in Eastern European countries. He started programs to provide services for earthquake victims, and also provided services for those in conflict as a result of extremely harsh war experiences. Richard has described circumstances where people were forced to kill relatives and friends from the other side, or be killed on the spot themselves.

Sue Knight


Sue creates community wherever she goes. She has nurtured local communities in France, India, Senegal, South Africa, Spain and the UK and members of those communities recognise each other when they meet by the presence that her clients, trainees and graduates and colleagues demonstrate. Her zest for life infuses her communication with the combination of intangibles – the spirit with which she engages others – and the tangibles – of more effective skills and communication techniques.

Find out at the awards dinner who won the NLP Internationally Award

The winner will be announced on the evening of the 29th April at the awards ceremony, this is a black tie event with all profits going to Macmillian.  Make sure you’re there!