NLP Making a Difference Award 2017

This is an inclusive category to recognise an individual / organisation that has made a generative difference through their NLP-related contribution to society.

Please take some time to read about each of the finalists

The winner will be announced at the Black Tie Charity Awards Dinner for Macmillian, make sure you get your ticket.

Frank Bourke


Frank is a successful NLP psychotherapist and psychiatrist, created the Research and Recognition Project based on his experiences in the aftermath of 9/11. He built a team to develop an NLP-based therapeutic intervention for war veterans suffering from PTSD. The RTM protocol has been ratified and research has been published…as his nomination form states, “this exactly the sort of research the NLP Community can point to with pride and say, ‘there is valid and valuable research that proves how effective NLP is’.”

Kim Ingleby


Kim blends NLP with mBraining and nutritional therapy, working with a range of clients, from Team GB athletes to GP referrals. Former British Triathlon team Manager, Malcolm Westwood, writes “Kim is an essential and invaluable member of the GB support team and has been for many World Championships. She provides the athletes with access to unique additional services combining physical and mental performance coaching with NLP. Kim is working to get this incorporated into mainstream support services for major sporting events with results that speak for themselves.”

Lindsey Agness


Lindsey has a career as diverse as working for PwC, training Google sales staff to be more effective and becoming a best selling author, reaching the Top 20 self help classics alongside Stephen Covey and Paul McKenna. She developed Age with Attitude, aimed at helping the older woman step into a new way of being. Her nomination includes examples of one student losing 4 stone and another following her dream to write a script which has already been picked up by an agent in the US.

Neil Almond


Neil, over 20 years, has used NLP to support the lives of disenfranchised young people. Neil founded and ran the youth charity Kikass, training over 3,000 youth workers as NLP money coaches, empowered a network of over 5,000 street team members using NLP based approaches. Over 140 young people were trained free of charge as NLP. He pioneered social NLP practitioner courses and has used NLP to support people around issues such as drugs, debt and sexual health.

Sally Vanson


Sally developed the first NLP-based MA programme in the world, seeing the need and providing the solution. The MA brings credibility to the NLP community by providing an evidence base for NLP, a repository that has largely been lacking to date. Taking part in the MA empowers students professionally and personally. Students graduate with an increased sense of confidence, improved consultancy sills, and enhanced critical thinking ability, creating a cultural shift in the NLP community.

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