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2022 Finalist Interviews

It was an honour to speak with this years NLP Awards Finalists about being nominated and what it means to them to be a finalist

NLP in Business Award Finalists

Cherry Africa.jpg

Cherry Africa         

Lynn McKeown.jpg
Shaline Manhertz and Kristianah Fasunloye.jpeg

Lynn McKeown

Shaline Manhertz &
Kristianah Fasunloye

NLP in Education Award Finalists

Educar Nos Transforma Javier y Kathy Vargas.jpg
Zoe Carroll.jpg
Suzanne Henwood.png


Zoe Carroll

Dr Suzanne Henwood

NLP in Healthcare Award Finalists

Adelaide Goodeve.jpg
Phil Parker.png
1 DSC_7690-2.jpg

Adelaide Goodeve

Dr Phil Parker

Ronia Fraser

NLP in Extraordinary Contribution
During the Global Pandemic

Nick Fragkias 5.jpg
Jessica Reed-Robbins.jpg
Power of Choice 1.png

Nick Fragkias

Jessica & Nick

OR Training & Development
Lynn McKeown,
Leanne McCafferty
& Michael Dunlop

NLP in Public Service and Community Award Finalists

Frank Pucelik.jpg
Gareth Murrell 1.jpg
Naomi Bareket.jpg

R. Frank Pucelik

Veterans at Ease Garreth Murrell

Naomi Bareket

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