21 Feb 2020

ANLP has decided that from 2020 onwards, the Lifetime Contribution Award will be withdrawn from the NLP Awards process. This decision has not been taken in isolation. A consultation has taken place with the newly formed ANLP Council of Generative Wisdom.

The Lifetime Contribution Award has been awarded since the NLP Awards began in 2017. It has been a significant undertaking to deliver a process of decision making that would be...

28 Oct 2019

When the NLP Awards were first discussed in 2017, there was a sense of eager anticipation and joy that the field of NLP would have recognition for the people that carried out great work.

The task of selecting worthy finalists and winners would be easy.  We would ask some experienced and knowledgeable people to send in their worthy nominations, sift through them and ask an independent panel to assess them for validity and to ass...

2 Nov 2018

Being new to NLP and the ANLP, the NLP Awards were something unknown to me. I had only ever seen awards as something for the flashy celebs to show off at, with a few exceptions of award ceremonies. However what quickly became apparent to me was that the NLP Awards was not like this at all! The NLP Awards  is for the “normal” person to have their hard work, determination and sheer passion to make a positive difference recognise...

10 May 2018

Phil Quirk has been nominated for NLP in Public Service and Community Award for his work with his team at Pro Noctis, supporting Durham Police and Royal Air Force Cosford with free places on their residential NLP Practitioner courses. He has now been selected as a finalist by the independent judging panel.

24 Apr 2018

hrough the NLP referrals received and the talks, workshops and programmes run privately from the Surgery, NLP contributes positively to patients' health & wellbeing and makes a positive difference to their lives. The nomination form cited that they believe Charing Surgery deserves the recognition for supporting the use of NLP in Healthcare, as they are an excellent role model for other practices. They have referred patien...

12 Apr 2018

Many of the client’s Kim has supported throughout the year’s have been linked with public service and complex GP referral cases, including chronic eating disorders, stage 4 cardiac rehabilitation, stroke palliative care, cancer rehabilitation, post-natal depression and anxiety. She has worked with over 200 clients, giving structured NLP tools, techniques and strategies to help reduce, overcome and manage their physical and me...

5 Apr 2018

Phil Parker has been nominated for NLP in Healthcare Award for his work using NLP to support individuals suffering from chronic health conditions such as ME/CFS, Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, MS, Chronic Pain etc. He has now been selected as a finalist by the independent judging panel. Using the influence and principles of NLP, Phil created his training programme, the Lightning Process (LP), which uses the mind-body conn...

27 Mar 2018

With his team Transformative Coaching, he created a system called ‘Bullying Tickles Me’ which dismantles and eradicates the toxic impact of bullying in schools through playfully implementing the tools and patterns of NLP and Neuro-Semantics. It works on the premise that solutions come from inside the children, not outside. Instead of keeping them dependent for support from teachers and adult authorities, this system is built t...

20 Mar 2018

Since discovering NLP in a business context in 1993, Peter has worked hard ever since to bring NLP to a broader business and professional community. He has worked almost exclusively in the business environment to make NLP accessible to people who would normally shy away from the more ‘esoteric’ forms of NLP. His mission has been to present and develop NLP as a credible, measurable business toolkit, using practical applications...

13 Mar 2018

As evidenced from the testimonials supplied alongside the nomination form, the clients Thabiso has worked with, made incredible progress, with some deciding to finish their studies in school, some doing internships to earn income and prepare for work, some finding employment so that they could be financially independent, some starting their own companies as entrepreneurs, some getting the courage to share their personal succes...

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