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About Mind BLMK


Mind BLMK works across local communities to support positive mental health and wellbeing. The overall aim of Mind BLMK is to ensure no-one has to face mental health problems alone. 


Services and support are focused towards individuals, companies and schools. Support provisions for individuals range from peer support groups, mentoring, counselling, support into employment, and wellbeing for later life. This also incorporates dedicated wellbeing centres which offer activities and support to make a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of people in Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes. Activities include art and crafts, photography,computers, sewing, walking, music, discussion groups and relaxation. Companies receive support through Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Awareness courses and workshops.

In the last year, Mind BLMK has provided over 100,000 hours of support to thousands of people in the local area. Those who access the available services say the charity was there when others weren’t; that they feel heard and supported to move forward in their lives.

For more information on our chosen charity, please visit their website

In 2019, the NLP community raised over £6,000 for Mind BLMK

In 2020, we raised £0 (ZERO) as the Awards were postponed due to the global pandemic

In 2021, we raised £445.

In 2022, we can do better...

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