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Winning the 2017 NLP in Business Award

And we announce the winner of the NLP in Business Award – Sue Knight!

I remember my first Trainer Training Course. It was an Instructional Techniques course at an RAF base and l learnt how to structure presentations and trainings along with 11 Squadron Leaders. I was there because it was the only training my boss at the time knew as he had been in the RAF. Anyway I not only learnt how to write very structure training session plans (which might surprise many of you who know my very experiential real time style today) but I also learnt how to calculate the maximum take off weight for a VC10, how to deal with ear and nose problems at altitude and all about Surprise in Warfare. It all came flooding back when the awards were announced middle of the meal rather than afterwards which is what I had expected and my award was the first one so no time to even get in the groove so to speak and I certainly did not expect to win. So surprise in timing, location and size!

Awards and certificates are not top of my ‘do before you die lists’ …. And there was a danger I might treat it lightly. But the first I knew of this whole event was when the person who was instrumental in getting me to India (and I have been running events there now for over 12 years) mentioned that he had nominated me. And to top that my life time mentor (well ever since I started to learn NLP over 30 years ago) Gene Early also nominated me. That somehow felt the wrong way round – that I should have nominated him and the irony and lack of altruism was a learning in itself.

So posh frock time it was and a chance to invite special friends from around the world to join me at my table and I was proud that my guests represented South Corea, Greece, India, France, Scotland, England and Australia .. And someone reminded me before the event that it was not about me but about all those people who had made my work possible – a chance to thank them. I suppose like many ceremonies like this it is just not possible to mention everyone and on the evening I concentrated on thanking Gene Early who has and still is so very instrumental in my work, my learning and my life.

So being asked to write this gives me the chance to thank the Subramanian brothers Anand, Arul and Ashok. To thank my all my colleagues past and present and who not only assist me on programmes but who have been amazing in the last couple of very challenging years of my life. To thank my family – my sons who have always had to deal with a Mum who works a lot of time! And my Mum who gave me one of the most significant Beliefs of Excellence “Susan you will always fall on your feet”. And I have.

Thank you hugely to all of you who voted for me. I was and still am humbled by your support.

And thank you Karen and the ANLP team. This is huge organisational challenge and I know you face a lot of challenges in doing this – but then that’s life.

By Sue Night

NLP Master Trainer

Author of NLP at Work and NLP and Leadership

Mum, Grandma and Scouser

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