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How Phil Kelly is Making a Difference in Business with NLP

Phil Kelly of Pro Noctis has been nominated in the NLP in Business category for the NLP Awards.

Pro-Noctis aim to share knowledge of human behaviour, utilising NLP, to demonstrate how a positive and proactive approach can grow and develop business. From goal setting to overcoming challenges, Pro-Noctis demonstrate all that is great about NLP. Pro Noctis “believe that better people make better relationships and better relationships create better business.”

Their top 5 members of staff include one NLP Trainer and four Master Practitioners which ensures that their business offerings are a positive beacon for the methodology and, by sending the right message, demonstrates how a focussed approach utilising NLP in business can benefit all. The two founding members consistently coach one another as they rise to the challenges that all entrepreneurs encounter and the main body of knowledge behind this coaching is NLP.

As well as having many business leaders attend their courses at their Academy, Pro-Noctis has utilised the principles of NLP during long term learning and development programmes when embedded within large organisations. In relation to this award category, Pro-Noctis delivered a seven-month full time project within Barclays Bank where a bespoke training program was developed based on the fundamentals of NLP. It was delivered in London, Coventry, Glasgow, New York and Singapore to a specific function who manage most of the company’s risk portfolio. 120 delegates were trained and at the end of the program the individuals were more confident, focussed and felt they had developed new skills to be able to deliver their role more effectively.

Despite involving 120 busy delegates across three continents, there was a 95% attendance of the sessions by members of the function who were in-scope for the training. This is well above average for like for like training. On average staff in-scope attended 14.2 of the overall 15 sessions. 93% of delegates rated the session content as excellent or very good. 96% of delegates rated the training delivery as either excellent or very good.

Pro Noctis won a prestigious Lotus award for this project. The overall behaviour change has been seen by the management as an overall culture shift in how they do their business and this is testament to the level of attendance and engagement of the programme.

The Project Sponsor commented “the feedback from the team has been extremely positive and I can see from my interaction with the more junior people, that there has been a language shift, and a focus on the right behaviours. To me, that is the training in action!” Pro-Noctis is just about to sign a two-year contract with Barclays to roll this training out to 2000 delegates across four continents following the major success of this program.

Within the financial services sector Pro-Noctis, believe their approach can minimise the risk of the country ever having another 2008 style financial crisis. Pro Noctis also operate to optimise human performance in the Aerospace and Healthcare sectors.

The NLP Awards shortlists have been put together from nominations by an independent judging panel. The NLP Awards will be presented at a Gala Dinner on Saturday 19th May at the NLP International Conference. More details of the categories and shortlisted nominees can be found here.

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