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How Charing Surgery is Making a Difference with NLP in Heathcare

Charing Surgery has been nominated for NLP in Healthcare Award for their work supporting the use of NLP to support patients of the practice, as part of their alternative therapies referrals. They have now been selected as a finalist by the independent judging panel.

The Partners and GP’s of Charing Surgery, serving approx 10000 patients, welcomed an NLP Practitioner offering private NLP services to its patients. The GP’s understood the benefits and value NLP could have for patients.

The Surgery is valued for its open, forward-thinking approach and the belief in providing patients with different options in support of their health & wellbeing, NLP being a part of this.

Through the NLP referrals received and the talks, workshops and programmes run privately from the Surgery, NLP contributes positively to patients' health & wellbeing and makes a positive difference to their lives.

The nomination form cited that they believe Charing Surgery deserves the recognition for supporting the use of NLP in Healthcare, as they are an excellent role model for other practices. They have referred patients for NLP, supported and shown interest in what NLP can offer, resulting in workshops on NLP & Health.

NLP techniques were used in managing a Gardening Group project which was successfully delivered from creation to launch. The whole project has been very successful proving to be a valuable addition to the community and inspiration to other surgeries. It's also generated print and broadcast press coverage, with BBC Radio Kent, broadcasting live interviews and a recorded piece at the site.

There has been much positive feedback received from patients referred by the Surgery – they are always grateful that the Surgery has taken time to provide more wide-ranging and holistic options for their treatment. Many are impressed by the Surgery's open mindset and forward-thinking approach and value that can be offered with the addition of NLP.

There are a number of successful examples and case studies where NLP interventions and NLP coaching has had a profound effect on patients' lives (children and adults). Ranging from Grief & Loss, Anxiety & Depression, Fears and Traumas. Specifics include working with victims of abuse, patients that have panic attacks or certain physical symptoms with unknown causes or those with fears around attending school, dogs etc.

The Gardening Group continues to receive positive recognition from everyone that passes through this inspiring space – from patients stopping by with a kind word or taking a restorative break to the staff that have somewhere lovely to sit.

The NLP Awards shortlists have been put together from nominations by an independent judging panel. The NLP Awards will be presented at a Gala Dinner on Saturday 19th May at the NLP International Conference. More details of the categories and shortlisted nominees can be found here. Tickets to attend the event close at midnight (BST) on 30th April 2018.

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