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What do the NLP Awards really do for us?

Being new to NLP and the ANLP, the NLP Awards were something unknown to me. I had only ever seen awards as something for the flashy celebs to show off at, with a few exceptions of award ceremonies. However what quickly became apparent to me was that the NLP Awards was not like this at all! The NLP Awards is for the “normal” person to have their hard work, determination and sheer passion to make a positive difference recognised for what they are: True acts of kindness towards a fellow human being.

When I heard that I had been nominated for the 2017 NLP Awards, I initially felt a bit confused, in the sense that I was so new to NLP! Then there was also the fact that the other nominees in the same category as me, were really big names in the NLP scene. It almost didn’t feel real. However, after a couple of days I realised that I was gaining momentum in my pursuit of making the world a better place and that I was on the right track in this brand-new world and journey.

To win the 2017 NLP in Education Award was a real shock. All of the other nominees were very well established in that field and highly respected members of the NLP community - how could little old me win?!

For me, the best thing about winning the 2017 NLP in Education Award was that the work I was doing was actually making a difference to someone’s life. That was the light bulb moment for me from winning. That’s what the NLP Awards are all about, letting us know that the work we are doing is working in the way that we want.

As a result of winning the 2017 NLP in Education Award, not much has changed within myself because I still have a lot of work that I want to achieve…and there is a lot more learning to come and that is the beauty of it! However, professionally, the Award has made a huge difference. It has helped me to get into the places I need to be in, so that I can make the difference that I want to make and have the impact I want to have in this ever-changing world.

Every day with the Art of Brilliance I have that opportunity and I am so grateful for it, with the support of the Art of Brilliance team, ANLP and the NLP community here in Northern Ireland, I can achieve my dream!

So, I will leave you with this - the NLP Awards are a fantastic way of recognising someone who would otherwise go unrecognised, the unsung heroes of the NLP world and they should be seen as that.

I encourage everyone in the community to take the time to nominate someone they know who is working hard to make a difference with NLP.

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