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Criteria Used to Determine the 2020 NLP Award Finalists

When the NLP Awards were first discussed in 2017, there was a sense of eager anticipation and joy that the field of NLP would have recognition for the people that carried out great work.

The task of selecting worthy finalists and winners would be easy. We would ask some experienced and knowledgeable people to send in their worthy nominations, sift through them and ask an independent panel to assess them for validity and to assemble the list of finalists. In the second year, we decided to give the final choice of winner to a Board made up entirely of people from our Charity partner so there could be no influence from ANLP or any other member of the NLP community…this was to be purely on the merit of the nomination story…easy-peasy…

3 years on and we have found that, whilst it becomes an easier procedural task, we still have to deal with some inconsistencies, learn, remodel and reshape for the following year.

This year, we have decided to publish the criteria we will use to determine the finalists so that our transparency increases as far as possible. We are so grateful to those also committed to the principles of equity, inclusion and fairness in celebrating those doing great things with NLP, who have contributed to the improvement of the process and criteria.

3 simple checks you can make to see if your nominee is in the frame for an Award:

Winning an NLP Award indicates the esteem and respect in which the recipient is held within the NLP Community. Does your nomination show that your nominee deserves this?

An Award can therefore only be made to an individual who has made a significant contribution to society in general or within a community, sector, or has had significant results using NLP in the NLP Awards category for any given year. Does your nomination contain the information that demonstrates this?

All Award winners are expected to act as Brand Ambassadors for NLP and may be called upon from time to time to engage in promoting NLP, within their scope of excellence, to a wider audience. The request for such promotion will be made by the Association for NLP (ANLP) and will be promoted for the benefit of the NLP Community. Will your nominee fly the NLP flag?

What We Need For A Strong Nomination:

  • Each nomination must have a proposer and seconder who are from different organisations and modalities and who know the nominee professionally and personally.

  • Verify that the nominee is in good standing.

  • Any lobbying for a particular candidate outside the formal process will result in disqualification.

  • This procedure will be reviewed from time to time by ANLP

What our panel are looking for:

  • A fully completed nomination form

  • Supporting evidence/additional documentation

  • Clear evidence that the nominee fulfils ANLP’s values of being Ethical, Professional, have Integrity and Credibility and has commitments to Diversity, Equalities and Inclusion

  • The unsung heroes of the NLP Community - those people who use NLP in their community or in their workplace to benefit their clients, friends, family, service users and society in general.

Guidance Notes

The quality of the nomination is CRITICAL for the nominee to be considered.

The panel will be made up of people who are OUTSIDE of the NLP community and will judge purely on the content of the nomination form. A form that effectively says “You know who I mean” is not informative…the panel may not know who you mean! Please do as much research and provide as much evidence to back up your nomination. Saying that someone has achieved something specific will always carry more weight if there is evidence such as a letter of thanks/recommendation, newspaper article, online reference or independent witnesses.

The narrative of the nomination is also important to allow the sponsors, charity and other panel members to understand how the nominee has made an impact. Tell their story. This narrative may also be used for in winner’s press releases, national and international media. So, make it the best you can!

Liaise with the Nominee

If you are considering entering on behalf of a third-party, please make sure that you submit all of the relevant information and liaise with the person or organisation you are nominating.

Make time and enjoy it!

These awards are a celebration and you could choose to enjoy the process from start to finish! If you are completing an application, you obviously believe in what you or your colleagues have done. Enjoy it - this will come across in your application. Set some time aside to really consider your answers and let the words speak for themselves.


Make sure you own this process so that you get the entry submitted. It is very easy to do and we want to recognise contribution, so ensure one person gets it done.

Enjoy it

This is a tremendous achievement. To even be submitting an award application means that you are proud of the work that the nominee or that you are doing and the difference you are making - please enjoy and celebrate that.

Word your entry carefully and answer the questions

Our panel will be reading through many applications, so describing the project carefully is vital if you want to portray the significance and worthiness of the person or project you are putting forward for an award. Make sure you explain it clearly, keep to the point, sense check the details and proof read it!

Make sure you are submitting your entry to the right category

You can nominate an individual/organisation to as many as three categories. Please make sure you are submitting to a relevant category.

Word count and deadlines!

We cannot accept submissions that are received after the deadline - 5th January 2020. We will confirm receipt of all award submissions by email. If you haven’t received a confirmation of receipt, assume we haven’t received it so please contact us or resubmit to

Please stick to the word count (minimum and maximum where applicable) - if you don’t, the nomination will be rejected.

Beyond the application: Supporting evidence

The panel are happy to receive and would encourage supporting evidence. Please keep this relevant (3 items maximum per nomination), as the panel will be busy. Please do use supporting evidence where necessary and make sure the panel are clear on why you are submitting this.

Read through the submission check list to ensure your entry is complete.

You can submit your nomination before the deadline of Sunday 5th January 2020.

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