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NLP Lifetime Contribution Award Update

ANLP has decided that from 2020 onwards, the Lifetime Contribution Award will be withdrawn from the NLP Awards process. This decision has not been taken in isolation. A consultation has taken place with the newly formed ANLP Council of Generative Wisdom.

The Lifetime Contribution Award has been awarded since the NLP Awards began in 2017. It has been a significant undertaking to deliver a process of decision making that would be accepted by the NLP Community at large and involve them in that decision. In 2020, the number of names submitted for consideration has been low and our decision reflects the apparent lack of interest in this award.

ANLP remains committed to celebrating all that is happening in the field of NLP now and the four Awards Categories reflect that with strong nominations and worthy finalists. We believe that the award winners, to be unveiled at the NLP Awards charity dinner, will be widely viewed as representing the power of NLP to create and sustain change across a wide range of sectors.

That raises the question of how we honour the achievements of the past. That of the founders, those who worked with them and those who took up the baton throughout the period from the late 1970s up to the present. We will continue to feature them in Rapport and to highlight them on our website. NLP has developed from meta in the 1970s and is making significant inroads into mainstream training and development in key sectors such as Health, Public Sector, Education and Business. We will continue to support our members and the community in general in continuing this welcome trend.

The considerable energy that was consumed in selecting the winner and managing the publicity, will now be channelled into ensuring that the NLP Conference, the NLP Awards Dinner and the promotion of NLP is further enhanced. We believe that this is positive for the community and in keeping with the ANLP approach to providing support for all of our membership and ensuring that the quality of NLP provided by them meets the highest of standards.

We look forward to celebrating your achievements and hope to see many of you at the Conference and the Awards.

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