Frequently asked questions

Are complex dietary requirements catered for?

For 2021, please arrange your own refreshment during the Awards sessions.

Is an NLP Award ticket included in a NLP Conference place?

For 2021...YES! There are no tickets for the Awards events. We would appreciate it if you can donate to our Charity Partner Mind BLMK on their website

How do I nominate someone for an NLP Award?

Submissions to nominate will open during the 2021 NLP International Conference. You can submit a nomination form and supporting evidence for anyone you feel is making a difference with NLP. We also accept self-nominations. The Award categories change each year and can range from Business, Education, Research, Public Service, Community and Heathcare. You can find out more about the process and requirements here.

Can anyone attend the NLP Awards evening?

As the event is being held during the NLP International Conference, anyone holding a valid 3-day pass is welcome to attend the Awards ceremonies which will take place on the 15th and 16th May 2021 (please see the NLP Conference schedule between 14:30 and 15:30 on these days for more information).

Which Charity is being supported by the NLP Awards?

For 2021 we will be continuing our support of Mind BLMK. All funds raised during the NLP Conference go directly to Mind BLMK. You can find out more about the charity here.

How are the NLP Award Finalists chosen?

The finalists are selected by an independent panel who read through each nomination and supporting evidence received. The panel make their decisions based on what they collectively feel demonstrates the use of NLP in making a marked difference in the specified category.

How are the NLP Award Winners chosen?

An independent panel choose the winners for all award categories. Team members from the chosen charity form the independent panel and they review each finalist’s nomination and supporting evidence. The panel make their decisions based on who they collectively agree has evidenced the most impact in the relevant area with their work with NLP.

Can I self-nominate for the NLP Awards?

Yes, you can submit a self-nomation.

Can I nominate an NLP business?

Yes, nominations are open to individuals and businesses that use NLP.

Who organises the NLP Awards?

The ANLP (Association for NLP) organised the NLP Awards. The ANLP is an International membership organisation and membership is open to anyone with NLP certification. Find out more about the ANLP and how to become a member by visiting the ANLP website.

When are the NLP Award Winners announced?

For 2021, the winners will be announced live at the NLP Awards Charity sessions during the NLP International Conference. For more information, please check the NLP Conference Website and look for the Awards sessions on Saturday 15th May and Sunday 16th May 2021 between 14:30 and 15:30 BST (GMT +1) on each day.

Where is the NLP Awards event held?

The event will be held virtually during the NLP International Conference. Please check the schedule for exact dates and times.

Who is the NLP Awards event for?

The NLP Awards event is open to anyone in the NLP Community and their friends and family. In previous years, the event has been attended by many world-renowned leaders, developers and innovators in the field. in 2021, NLP Conference delegates can join us to celebrate the incredible achievements of nominees from the 2020 postponed awards.

Who has previously won the NLP Lifetime Contribution Award?

There is no lifetime achievement award in 2021. Winners from previous years include, Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier and Tad James. You can view the 2019 NLP Award Winners here. You can view the 2018 NLP Award Winners here. You can view the 2017 NLP Award Winners here.

Can children attend the NLP Awards evening?

No. NLP Award guests must be aged 18 and over.

Will I receive a physical ticket for the NLP Awards event?

No. For 2021, there are no tickets on sale. 2021 Virtual NLP International Conference 3-day pass holders are automatically able to attend the Awards sessions using the Whova app.

Can I be seated with someone I know?

For 2021 there is no gala dinner event. As long as the person you are sitting with has a valid 3-day pass for the NLP International Conference and you are folllowing the appropriate and relevant Coronavirus guidelines from your Government, you can sit with whoever you wish!

What does an NLP Awards ticket include?

There are no tickets for 2021. You are welcome to attend the NLP Awards sessions if you have a valid 3-day pass to the NLP International Conference. Please see the schedule for more information on dates and times for the Awards sessions.

What time is the event?

Please see the Awards schedule for timings.

What is the dress code for the NLP Awards?

As this will be a zoom event, dress code is relaxed and casual. We would love you to wear a Black Tie/Evening Dress to make the Finalists feel as if they are at the Gala Dinner!

Can I cancel my NLP Award place?

As there are no tickets and no charge for this event..and no obligation to attend, there is no cancellation required and no money can be returned!

Should I cancel because of Coronavirus?

Please read our Coronavirus update for the latest information. The event will be held across two sessions (please see schedule for more information) on Saturday 15th May and Sunday 16th May 2021. As it is a virtual event, please follow your Government Coronavirus guidelines for your health and saftey to ensure you are not at risk when watching the sessions.

Going Virtual for 2021

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