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How Peter Freeth is Making a Difference in Business with NLP

Peter Freeth has been nominated for NLP in Business Award for his work using NLP to support business success. He has now been selected as a finalist by the independent judging panel.

Since discovering NLP in a business context in 1993, Peter has worked hard ever since to bring NLP to a broader business and professional community. He has worked almost exclusively in the business environment to make NLP accessible to people who would normally shy away from the more ‘esoteric’ forms of NLP. His mission has been to present and develop NLP as a credible, measurable business toolkit, using practical applications, innovative adaptations of the techniques and principles and an accessible, down-to-Earth style which he feels lowers the barriers to the adoption of NLP across the entire breadth of the business community.

Peter has written over 12 books on NLP, including business applications of NLP, making NLP accessible in everyday business language to a worldwide audience. As demonstrated in the countless testimonials alongside his nomination and the many reader reviews, Peter’s books give coherent and practical advice which is easy to follow, whilst entertaining. He has worked with companies and professionals all over the world, delivering coaching, consultancy and training, supporting individuals to transform their careers, set up successful business and supported businesses and organisations to improve performance and increase profits and sales. The complexities of NLP and enormous amount of tools and techniques are packed in a nice ‘ready to go’ box by Peter. Executives, administrators and managers are able to apply immediately his teachings and make NLP an integral part of the day to day Business life.

Peter is described as very approachable and genuine and someone who ‘walks the talk, regularly challenging people in a way that makes them take notice and more importantly take action. As a trainer who is extremely passionate about NLP, he devotes his life to travelling and sharing this knowledge around the world. Peter also regularly offers his services, tools and support for free, including a free ebook, problem solving app and his handy ‘unsticker’ tool.

One of the testimonials’ stated “Following Peter’s training I doubled the sales conversion through understanding and modelling my talent for objection handling. With this skill I quickly progressed from a Sales Agent to Department Trainer. I have since had a successful career in training for over 10 years 7 of these as a Training Manger for various organisations. Peter’s training has stayed with me throughout this time and been the basis to my methods in coaching and developing training courses.”

The NLP Awards shortlists have been put together from nominations by an independent judging panel. The NLP Awards will be presented at a Gala Dinner on Saturday 19th May at the NLP International Conference. More details of the categories and shortlisted nominees can be found here.

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