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How Kim Ingleby is Making a Difference with NLP in Public Service and Community

Kim Ingleby has been nominated for NLP in Community and Public Service Award for her work using NLP to support individuals overcome illness and trauma, as well as her many charity fundraising incentives. She has now been selected as a finalist by the independent judging panel.

Many of the client’s Kim has supported throughout the year’s have been linked with public service and complex GP referral cases, including chronic eating disorders, stage 4 cardiac rehabilitation, stroke palliative care, cancer rehabilitation, post-natal depression and anxiety.

She has worked with over 200 clients, giving structured NLP tools, techniques and strategies to help reduce, overcome and manage their physical and mental conditions. Within the Community, she works with groups of teenagers and women running workshops to help increase their body confidence and self-worth. She has also structured this into online courses which allow people on a global scale to access the tools and make a difference. She has helped clients and families cope with the traumas of MH17, Manchester bombings & terminal illnesses.

She uses her NLP Skills to set her own mind-set, focus and courage to give back to the Community by taking part In adventure challenges, giving talks on how to overcome adversity and be brave, and she has written a book with her rescue dog called 52 Tips to Feel Good, with the Hound of Happiness.

Kim is incredibly passionate about making an impact in the local community, public and charity sectors and on a more global community level with her NLP skills.

With every sale of her 5* bestselling book,10% goes to charity, and to date, she has raised over £80,000 for charity through personal and group events.

Her client’s describe her as inspiring, extraordinary, professional, empathetic and a joy to be supported by.

The NLP Awards shortlists have been put together from nominations by an independent judging panel. The NLP Awards will be presented at a Gala Dinner on Saturday 19th May at the NLP International Conference. More details of the categories and shortlisted nominees can be found here.

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