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Sponsorship Packages

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to be part of the
International NLP Awards Charity Dinner…by being an Awards Sponsor!

Becoming a Sponsor for these Awards, will enable you and your business to make a valued contribution to our chosen charity, Mind BLMK, raising your profile within the Community and as part of the wider press coverage and also giving you access to be part of a memorable international event.  Your contribution to this charity event is much appreciated and we look forward to working closely with you.

The theme of this wonderful evening is ‘NLP Making a Difference’ and, whilst raising funds for such a deserving charity, also gives the International Global NLP Community the opportunity to recognise and reward those who work tirelessly using NLP to make a difference in front of their peers.


All profits from ticket sales and all proceeds from the raffle and donations go to Mind BLMK.


Basic Award Sponsorship Package for all 5 Award categories - Suggested donation £1,500  - no maximum
First come first choice on which award you would like to sponsor!



Scroll down to view the sponsorship options or click the button below

What sponsorship gives you:

Two seats at the Awards Gala Dinner

As one of the Awards Sponsors you will automatically receive two seats at the gala dinner. This offers the opportunity to simply to enjoy the evening as a real celebration, you also have the first option to upgrade to a whole table of 10, should you wish to host clients or colleagues.

Award Sponsor Promotion

As an Award Sponsor, your branding, with links to your own website, will feature on the NLP Awards website and any marketing activity undertaken for the Awards will also feature your logo and branding.  The Award you sponsor will be referred to as “The NLP Award for [Category], Sponsored by [Your Name]”.  Your logo will also be featured on the Award itself.

Part of the Judging Panel

You will be part of the panel that accesses the category nominations to shortlist the finalists and select the award winner. Your involvement will give you the opportunity to meet the dedicated individuals who have clearly worked hard and deserve to be finalists.

Presentation of Award

You have the opportunity to appoint a representative from your organisation to present the ‘Winners’ prize during the prestigious Awards Ceremony and be photographed with the Winner/Finalists.

Advert in Event Programme

We will ensure you receive strong branding and the opportunity for a half page advert in the  Event Programme, which will feature the finalists in each category and will be used as a point of reference during the evening.

Social Media Activity

NLP Awards are continuing to create great publicity about the programme through social media and, as one of our Award Sponsors, you will feature significantly in our messaging. This is an ideal opportunity to engage with the sector relevant to the award and with the NLP community.

Marketing Campaign – Pre & Post Event

We will feature your business as an Award Sponsor in any marketing and press coverage that is undertaken as part of the event.  This will include a photo call with the ‘Winners’ on the night.

Sponsorship Opportunities

NLP Award Sponsorship Opporunities

NLP In Education Award 2020 - suggested £1,500 donation

An individual / organisation that has made a difference to pupils/students, teaching and support staff within the education sector through NLP.  This may be in primary, secondary or tertiary education

NLP In Healthcare Award 2020 - suggested £1,500 donation

An individual / organisation that has made a difference to patients, clinical or non-clinical staff within the healthcare sector through NLP.  This includes, for example, hospitals, NHS trusts, care homes, GP practices, dental surgeries, psychotherapy and complementary therapies.

NLP In Research Award 2020 - suggested £1,500 donation

An individual / organisation that has made a difference in private sector business to employees, companies or within the business sector generally.

NLP In Public Service & Community Award 2020 - suggested £1,500 donation

An individual / organisation that has made a difference within public service through NLP. This includes emergency, armed or volunteer services, local authorities, charities, community groups or other public sector.

NLP Lifetime Contribution Award 2020 - suggested £2,000 donation

An individual who has consistently made an outstanding long term contribution to the field and community of NLP, upholding the spirit of NLP and ethics shared by NLP Professionals. 

Meet & Greet Drinks Reception - suggested £2,500 donation

If you would prefer to have a generic and wider sponsorship opportunity, you can sponsor the pre-event drinks reception.  This allows more of the money raised from the evening to go to Mind BLMK.  We’ll make sure all the guests know who to thank as well!  This investment includes two tickets to the event and two pop-up banners with your logo and the word “Drinks Reception Sponsored by [Your Name]”

Full Table Wine and Mineral Water Sponsorship  - suggested £5,000 donation

For an even better generic marketing opportunity, you can sponsor the main event drinks, putting table wine onto each table for all the guests to enjoy.  This will include a banner card on each table with your logo and the words “Your table drinks are sponsored by [Your Name]” we will make sure everyone knows about it as well and it again allows more of the money raised from the evening to go to Mind BLMK.  This donation includes two tickets to the event.

Your donations will get you and NLP noticed and will receive attention from a major charity.



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