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2024 NLP Award Nominations

Please fill out the form below to submit a nomination for consideration by the NLP Awards Panel
I would like to nominate someone (or myself) for an NLP Award.

The panel will assess your nomination and may contact you to request more information

Submission deadline is: 23:59pm (GMT) on Saturday 30th September 2023


before completing the nomination form.

(Download the form at the bottom of this page)

What our panel are looking for:

  • A fully completed nomination form with as much detail and supporting evidence as possible!

  • Supporting evidence/additional documentation, external references, testimonials, papers, books, wesbites

  • The unsung heroes of the NLP Community - those people who use NLP in their community or in their workplace to have the greatest impact and positive benefit for their clients, friends, family and society in general. 


The panel will be made up of people who may not be part of the NLP community and will judge PURELY ON THE CONTENT OF THE NOMINATION FORM.  A form that effectively says “You know who I mean” will not be enough information for someone who does not know who you mean!  Please do as much research and provide as much evidence to back up your nomination.  Saying that someone has achieved something  particular will always carry more weight if there is evidence such as a letter of thanks/recommendation, newspaper article, online reference or independent witnesses.


The narrative of the nomination is also important to allow the non-NLP-trained panel members to understand how the nominee has made an impact. This narrative may also be used for in winner’s press releases, national and international media.  So make it the best you can!

1. Word your entry carefully and answer the questions

Our panel will be reading through many applications, so describing the project carefully is vital if you want to portray the significance and worthiness of the person or project you are putting forward for an award.  Make sure you explain it clearly, keep to the point, sense check the details and proof read it!


2. Make sure you are submitting your entry to the right category

You can submit an entry to more than one category and make sure you are submitting it to a relevant category. The panel reserve the right to move award nominations to a different category if they feel it is more relevant.


3. Word count and deadlines!

We cannot accept submissions that are received after the stated deadline. Please stick to the word count (minimum and maximum where applicable), if you don’t, the nomination will be not be accepted.


4. Beyond the application: Supporting evidence

The panel are happy to receive and would encourage supporting evidence, keep this relevant (3 items maximum per nomination).  Please do use supporting evidence where necessary and make sure the panel are clear on why you are submitting this. Send any supporting evidence to clearly stating the full name of the nominee, your full name and the nomination category, to ensure we can match this with the correct submission.


5. Make time and enjoy it!

These awards are a celebration and you could choose to enjoy the process from start to finish!  If you are completing an application, you obviously believe in what you or your colleagues have done. Enjoy it - this will come across in your application. Set some time aside to really consider your answers and let the words speak for themselves.


6. Ownership

Make sure you own this process so that you get the entry submitted. It is very easy to do and we want to recognise contribution, so ensure one person gets it done.


Guidance Notes:

  • You may nominate yourself or someone else for more than one category. (A maximum of 3 categories).

  • All nominations must have a seconder, including self-nominations.


  • Please make sure that all of the information required is supplied and well presented.  Submissions without the required information cannot be considered.


  • Read ALL of the guidance thoroughly before answering and be sure to address each criterion.


  • If you are considering entering on behalf of a third party please make sure that you submit all of the relevant information and notify the person or organisation you are nominating.


Download the Form: 

The application form (Microsoft Word format) contains the following sections. Completion of all sections is required or the nomination will not be valid. Click on the button below to download the form to your device.  Complete the form, save it to your device and email it to  We will send you a receipt email once it has been received.

Section 1: Award Category 

Section 2: Nominee Details 

Section 3: Your Details

Section 4: Seconder Details

Section 5: Nomination Details

  • Why are you making this nomination? (50 words minimum and 200 words maximum)

  • How has the nominee demonstrated the use of NLP to make a difference in this award category? (50 words minimum and 200 words maximum)

  • What impact has the nominee made? (50 words minimum and 200 words maximum)

Section 6: List supporting material (optional and important for the Independent Awards Panel to make their choice!)

Section 7:  Agreement to Terms and Conditions 

Please get in touch if you have any questions in relation to this.

2024 NLP Awards Nominations must be received by 23:59pm (GMT) on Saturday 30th September 2023. Nominations sent after this date will NOT be considered. 



Nomination Docs

Award Categories

NLP in



An individual / organisation that has made a difference to pupils/students, teaching and support staff within the education sector through NLP.  This may be in primary, secondary or tertiary education.

NLP in



An individual / organisation that has made a difference to patients, clinical or non-clinical staff within the healthcare sector through NLP.  This includes, for example, hospitals, NHS trusts, care homes, GP practices, dental surgeries, psychotherapy and complementary therapies.

NLP in



An individual / organisation that has made a difference in private sector business to employees, companies or within the business sector generally.

NLP in

Public Service

& Community


An individual / organisation that has made a difference within public service through NLP.  This includes emergency, armed or volunteer services, local authorities, charities, community groups or other public sector

NLP in



  • An individual / organisation that has made a difference within the research field, by undertaking or contributing to NLP related research.

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